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Mrs. Glenda Rhea » Science Fair

Science Fair

The files below will provide instructions and ideas for participating in the school and district science fairs. Remember - your project must be an experiment that follows the scientific method. NO inventions or demonstrations will be accepted for this project. (No volcanoes, no solar systems, no robots, etc.) Something you create can be USED in an experiment, but not as the whole project itself. Make sure you choose a topic that interests you. You will be spending a lot of time doing this project. Files below that start with p and a number are project ideas intended to get your thinking started. You may need to make changes to a project idea in order to use it for your project experiment. Your own creative ideas are the best choice because the purpose of this project is to research something that interests and excites you. Science is cool and fun, especially when you get to follow your curiosity. Have fun exploring something you always wanted to know. Remember that all writing needs to be in your OWN WORDS!

Choose a topic as soon as possible and start your research.

You can choose to work by yourself, or with ONE partner.
If you have a partner, you must choose someone you can get together with outside of class.

Be sure to look at the most important file below: EES Science Fair Project Information
Most of all, have fun!